"Some of the most compelling wines being made in Champagne today." -
Collin Blanc de Noirs Les Maillons Extra-Brut (2012 base)

Posted by Joe Salamone

A few Sundays ago, we offered Collin's 2013 base Maillons. It sold out in a flash.

Today, we turn to the the 2012 base.

The wines of Ulysse Collin are individual and intense, working on a grandness of scale that can nearly overwhelm the senses. The Maillons represents the extreme conclusion of this style.

The 2012 is an epic edition of this wine. 2012 was a powerful, concentrated and high acid vintage - exactly the sort of vintage where Collin's style flourishes. Olivier Collin uses a very small amount of reserve wine, which means the wines carry a very strong vintage character.

Les Maillons is the most powerful wine in Collin’s lineup, sourced from 45 year old Pinot vines on chalk and heavy clay soil. The Maillons has become really captivating in recent vintages. For all of its expansive power, the wine is shockingly delineated and clear. There's a formidable structure that radiates energy. The way that its breadth is combined with an electric mineral lift, makes it really noteworthy.

Since his debut in 2004, Olivier Collin has established the domaine as one of the most individual and compelling in all of Champagne. Over the last few vintages, the wines have gained even more poise and refinement. Watching things start to click at Ulysse Collin has been very exciting, and we encourage you to check out Olivier Collin's fascinating I'll Drink to That interview to get a broader perspective on the domaine from Olivier Collin himself.

Just how successfully they've pulled this off hasn't gone unnoticed. Antonio Galloni calls Collin's wines, "Some of the most compelling wines being made in Champagne today." As we said at the beginning, word is definitely out on Ulysse Collin.This is something to jump on.

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Ulysse Collin Blanc de Noirs

Les Maillons Extra-Brut (2012 base)