"Some of the most compelling wines"
- Ulysse Collin Blanc de Noir Les Maillons Extra Brut (2014 base)

Posted by Joe Salamone

Olivier Collin makes some of the most fascinating wines in all of Champagne and we’re clearly not the only ones who think so - every time we offer Ulysse Collin it sells out instantly.

These wines push the boundaries of our understanding of Champagne. Collin achieves epic levels of intensity and his wines nearly overwhelm the senses with their depth of complexity.

The Les Maillons Blanc de Noirs is the extreme conclusion of this style. This Champagne is rich, ample, and intensely complex. As Antonio Galloni describes it: “Kirsch, mint, chamomile and dried flowers flesh out in a creamy, voluptuous Blanc de Noirs full of personality.” But, despite its richness, it remains delineated and clear. The nearly 50-year-old vines help to imbue the wine with an electric, tactile minerality that really makes the Les Maillons sing.

The current release (2014 base) of Maillons offers plenty of the explosive complexity and cut that we love. There's no doubt that the 2014 vintage in Champagne had its difficult moments. Growers were thankfully helped out by the end of the growing season sunshine.

In 2014, the wines get stronger as you travel south. The Aube produced plenty of really good wines. Tasting Ulysse Collin it certainly feels like his area in the Côte de Sézanne, which is in between the Côte des Blancs and the Aube, saw serious success in 2014.

Collin is among a handful of vignerons redefining great Champagne. Before taking over his family vineyards, Collin spent time working under Anselme Selosse, which heavily influenced his winemaking style. For the Les Maillons, Collin harvests the Pinot Noir grapes uncommonly ripe, with potential alcohol reaching over 12%, and the dosage is kept extreme low or is totally absent.

Since his debut in 2004, Collin’s wines have become increasingly refined, and it’s been thrilling to watch his wines achieve greater and greater heights. Ulysse Collin is unquestionably one of the most unique and compelling domaines in all of Champagne. The 2014 Les Maillons is a clear example of Collin’s extraordinary talent.

As we mentioned above, these wines always go fast, and with allocations getting smaller, we expect today will be no different. Give us your ideal order and we’ll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

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