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Cornas From On High:
2020 Gilles Cornas "Nouvelle R" Les Rieux

The "R" stands for Les Rieux, a vineyard that Gilles planted in 2010 that sits at 450 meters high, above the amphitheater of Cornas. It's a vineyard of white granite soils that had never been planted before because historically, people worried about the grape achieving proper ripeness.

The Other Side of Jamet: 2021 Jamet Cote-Rotie Fructus Voluptas

The intention was to significantly depart from the winemaking of the flagship Côte-Rôtie. Fructus Voluptas sees little to no stem inclusion and is sourced from younger vines. This yields a more fruit-driven and immediate lens to view Jamet's winemaking.

Soulfulness and Delicacy in Saint-Joseph
2021 Gonon Saint-Joseph

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
2018 Xavier Gérard Saint-Joseph Le Blanchard

Anytime that we offer Xavier Gérard's Saint-Joseph Le Blanchard, it sells out within hours.

From The Wilds... A Game-Changer:
2016 Horizon Côtes Catalanes Blanc

When it comes to white wine, Domaine de l'Horizon's Côtes Catalanes Blanc redefines what's possible in a profound way. The wine combines the jagged mineral cut of top Muscadet with the tactile intensity of Northern Rhône whites.

Rhone Royalty Unembellished
2015 Faurie Hermitage Greffieux/Bessards

There is no grander, more regal expression of Syrah than Hermitage. Bernard Faurie is one of the great old traditionalists of Hermitage.