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The Loire's King of Fizz, Part II:
2019 Les Capriades “Piège à Filles” Rosé

Les Capriades are absolute masters of pét-nat. When I taste their examples alongside many of their peers, it seems like they know something no one else does.

Noteworthy Loire - Unmediated Purity
2018 Domaine de Montrieux: Gaga de Toi Gamay & Picrochole Pineau d'Aunis

Domaine de Montrieux are wines that I want to drink often.

I admire their simplicity, their purity, and how they present a combination of unmediated honesty with a dose of sophistication and polish. When it comes to the Pineau d'Aunis bottlings, I'm in awe of how masterfully the grape is handled.