Tension-Filled, Pulsating With Minerality: 2013 Adam Dhroner "In der Sangerei" Feinherb & Dhroner Hofberg GG

Posted by Joe Salamone

Andreas Adam has the touch. It's as simple as that.

Adam is still in his thirties, his first vintage was 2000, and he's wasted absolutely no time in becoming one of the best producers in the Mosel.

I'm happy to offer his 2013 Dhroner "In der Sängerei" Feinherb and Hofberg "GG," the latter in 750s and mags.

Before going further, I should issue a warning: Adam saw 50% less than normal yields in 2013 and on top of that made much less dry and off-dry wines than usual. These bottles are very limited.

2013 is a vintage that I really like for Adam. It's a zippy, agile vintage that dovetails really well with Adam's style. Consistently, it's in the high acid vintages that we find ourselves loving Adam the most.

The style is muscular, but also deeply etched and painstakingly precise. In vintages like 2013, they're absolutely thrilling wines: tension-filled and pulsating with minerality.

Both the Dhroner "In der Sängerei" Feinherb and Dhroner Hofberg GG have these qualities in spades. "In der Sängerei" is sourced from a single, centrally located parcel in Hofberg. With 25 grams of RS the wine is just beautifully balanced showing tons of finesse and cut. In 2013, Adam decided to add the vineyard site (Sängerei) to what in past years had just been labeled as feinherb.

The 2013 Hofberg GG definitely kicks the intensity quotient up by many powers. The 2013 fermented just enough to be considered legally dry (it's 9 grams) and is a masterpiece of Adam's hand with dry wine. The 2013 Hofberg GG is layered and sculpted with a riveting acid and mineral spine.

These are simply an impressive duo of wines. They are so decisively mineral, so incredibly fine and just packed with energy. As I mentioned earlier, we're looking at really modest qualities. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer

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