"The 2013 Extra Brut Efflorescence is fabulous"
- 2013 Marie-Courtin Efflorescence Extra Brut

Posted by Joe Salamone

Marie-Courtin is based in the Aube, which is pretty much the backwoods of Champagne. Despite this, Marie-Courtin is mentioned with the region's top growers.

Amazingly, she has very swiftly reached this level of recognition. Marie-Courtin's Dominique Morneau bottled her first wine in '06. By the time her 2008's were released, the Champagnes already had a cult following.

We've been buying Marie-Courtin's wines since the start. When we tasted her 2012s, it was obvious that she had hit a breakthrough vintage. Almost unbelievably, we were even more impressed by her 2013s.

Marie-Courtin's have always been singular, multi-dimensional Champagnes with penetrating concentration married to a silky elegance. With each passing year, the wines have grown increasingly refined and precise. The 2013 takes things to a new level.

Her Efflorescence was the standout from the strong 2013 line-up. Efflorescence is 100% Pinot Noir that's raised in old barrels. Peter Liem very insightfully remarks that "the wood contributes more than just weight—here I feel that the wine gains an extra complexity and dimension."

In the nervy 2013 vintage, the wood aging really pays off. The 2013 Efflorescence assumes a beautiful depth that's animated by the racy backbone and seamless melding of tactile chalky minerality, herbs and crisp stone fruits.

Even before you factor in the pricing, this is a thrilling bottle of Champagne. The fact that it can be had for $60 in packs only sweetens things.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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