The Cult of Prévost: Prévost Beguines Extra Brut NV (2015)

Posted by Joe Salamone

Prévost's wines are extraordinary. If you've tasted Prévost, chances are that this sounds banal.

Still, by any measure, the cult that's formed around Prévost is an unlikely story by any standards besides the advantage of the 20/20 vision of retrospect.

Today, Prévost stands as one of the greatest growers in all of Champagne. For many, us included, he's right there with Selosse at the top. And when it comes to wines that we want to drink on the regular, we'd have to give Prévost the edge.

Still, there's something incredible to the story of a 21-year-old who inherited his grandmother's 2.2 hectares of Meunier (the ugly stepchild of Champagne grapes) in an obscure corner in the northwest of Montagne de Reims.

For over 10 years he simply sold off the grapes. In 1998, his friend Anselme Selosse convinced him to start making his own wines. Things took off quickly from there. By 2006, the wines captured the world's attention. Finding the wines today in any quantity is an adventure.

They are wines that are easy to become obsessed with. We have no shame in our fascination with the wines and how many bottles we've drunk.

Prévost is in Gueux. Here you'll find unique soils. Champagne's famous chalky soils are buried deep under a mix of sand and calcareous clay, laden with sea fossils. Judging from Prevost's wines, something really special happens to Meunier here.

The 2015 Beguines exemplifies this. Amid the yellow stone fruits is an amazing refinement, energy and clarity of expression. There's also a wildly complex minerality - you get earthy and saline notes with tensile talc-like grip.

Prévost is one of our absolute favorite wines to drink anywhere. The fact that he can accomplish this with the Meunier grape is simply amazing. It's a testament to his hard work, his skill and his terroir. As always, we advise to stock up while you can.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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