The Greatest $35 Grower Champagne?
Back Up The Truck Holiday Edition
- Bazin Champagne Blanc de Blancs l'Unanime NV

Posted by Joe Salamone

This Champagne is beyond compelling, the price is beyond belief.

The fact that the bottle can come to market as low as $35 is simply absurd. It is a serious, small-grower Champagne, easily holding its own with many bubbles at $50 and above.

A quick word to the wise because it’s December and, well, we all have a lot going on right now: even if it was not the season for Champagne, this offer would sell out quickly. Don't delay.

This is only the second tranche of the Bazin’s wines to arrive in the U.S., yet their wines can already be found on the lists of places like Eleven Madison Park, Estela, Marea and the Modern.

Noël and Magali Bazin farm only a few acres on the gentle slopes of the Montagne de Reims. While the Montagne is mostly famous for Pinot Noir, the Bazin’s focus is on Chardonnay. Their Blanc de Blancs possesses an uncommon density and finely etched detail.

The Unanimé is a show-stopper; it is crystalline and bright, with a citrus and mineral-tinged finesse that drives it across the palate, coating it, yet also delineated and elegant. There is an obvious energy here, an almost raucous one, that keeps the palate engaged and refreshed.

There simply isn’t a better Champagne at this price. Stock up - now. Every year, Nöel and Magali produce only a little over 1,000 cases of wine. There simply isn’t much to go around, and it’s a thirsty time of year.

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

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Noël Bazin Blanc de Blancs “l’Unanimé” NV

Special Bottle Price: $39.95

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Special 4-Pack Price: $139.80 ($34.95/btl)