The King of Fleurie: 2017 Métras Fleurie VV

Posted by Joe Salamone

Métras' Beaujolais have been fixtures at the store for over a decade.

It's difficult to imagine saying anything new about Yvon Métras and his wines. It's also hard to convey the level of excitement that we have when a new vintage is released.

Catching a bottle of Métras when its on is simply a profound experience.

There's something intangible and profound about Métras' wines. Any time that we taste through a wide range of Beaujolais, Métras jumps out. There's something extra that you can't fully put your finger on - the wines have a haunting textured complexity.

Above all, it's the wines’ textural intrigue that makes them utterly captivating and unique. Their signature is a suave impression and the beautifully expressive mix of granite, flowers and dark fruits.

The Fleurie VV is the bottling that sums up Métras' style the best. There's a soaring and totally gorgeous perfume and a spine of dark crushed rocks. It's a wine that explodes from the glass with violets, purple fruits and jet-black minerality.

The 2017 is a very deep and layered vintage for the wine. Métras' unique mouthfeel and streak of dark minerality are on bold display. The ripeness of the vintage adds an extra dimension of complexity. It's animated by an invigorating backbone.

Before closing, I should mention that we've been happy with how riper vintages of Métras have aged. We've had a bunch of positive experiences with the 2009s recently and the 2005 have been stunning.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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