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The King of Fleurie: 2017 Métras Fleurie VV

Métras' Beaujolais have been fixtures at the store for over a decade. It's difficult to imagine saying anything new about Yvon Métras and his wines. It's also hard to convey the level of excitement that we have when a new vintage is released.

Gang of Four +1 More: 2016 Alex Foillard Brouilly & Côte de Brouilly

Jean Foillard makes some our favorite wines anywhere. When news arrived that his son, Alex, had started making wine in very different terroirs in Beaujolais, we were really curious.

1ha - Lapierre in Côte du Py
2016 Lapierre Morgon Cuvée Camille

Like so many others, we love Lapierre's wines. They are joyous wines to be drunk with abandon. Out of the line-up, it's the Camille that we work hardest to find in quantity.

Beaujolais On Tip-Toe
2016 Métras Fleurie Printemps

When you taste through Métras' line-up, there's no denying the profundity of Fleurie VV and Ultime. Still, Printemps delivers something very special.

New Foillard: 2013 & 2014 Foillard Morgon Eponyme

There are few producers in Beaujolais who turn out wines with the same level of clarity and purity as Foillard. For many years his Côte du Py has been a standard bearer for Morgon. But it wasn't until he released the first vintage from another lieu-dit, Corcelette, that it became clear how sensitive Foillard's winemaking is.