The King of Fleurie - Lowest Pricing:
2016 Métras Fleurie VV

Posted by Joe Salamone

Métras' Fleurie VV is easily one of the best wines of the vintage.

We love Métras in vintages like 2016. In these years, they show vividness, delineation and straight-up joyful drinking.

As is often the case, the Fleurie VV is the star of the really strong line-up. We've drunk many bottles of the VV since it arrived and each time we're blown away. It's a wine that seems to improve every time we taste it. We offered the 2016 VV in October and it felt like the wine was drinking so well that it was worth revisiting.

There's something intangible and profound about Métras' wines. Any time that we taste through a wide range of Beaujolais, Métras jumps out. There's something extra that you can't fully put your finger on - the wines have a haunting textured complexity.

Above all, it's the wine's textural intrigue that makes them utterly captivating and unique. Their signature is a suave texture and the beautifully expressive mix of granite, flowers and dark fruits. The Fleurie VV is the bottling that sums up Métras' style the best. There's a soaring and totally gorgeous perfume and spine of dark crushed rocks. It's a wine that explodes from the glass with violets, purple fruits and jet-black minerality.

A good amount of credit has to be given to Métras' sites. The vines range from 70-100 years of age and they are located in Grille-Midi and La Madone, two top sites in prime, steep climats.

The 2016 Fleurie VV is Métras cast in luminous clarity. The vintage endowed the wine with dazzling bright floral notes and stunning precision. There's an emphatic mineral streak whose edge lends even more complexity and intrigue.

Métras represents some of the highest points that Beaujolais can reach. The 2016 Fleurie VV is a shining example of this. You'll want to drink it very often, which is why we priced the 4-packs so attractively.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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