The King of Fleurie Magnum Edition:
2016 Metras Fleurie VV Magnums

Posted by Joe Salamone

A couple weeks ago, we offered bottles of Métras' 2016 Fleurie VV.

Today, we're very excited to return with magnums.

Landing Métras in quantity is really difficult, finding a decent sized parcel of magnums can seem impossible.

The 2016 Fleurie VV is gorgeous. The vintage endowed the wine with amazingly bright floral notes and stunning precision. There's an emphatic mineral streak whose edge lends even more complexity and intrigue.

Métras is special. There's something intangible and profound about the wines. They possess a deep, textured complexity that you can't fully put your finger on. The Fleurie VV always has a very expressive mix of granite, flowers and dark fruits combined with a suave presence.

Métras is the king of Fleurie. It's clear that he simply has "the touch". In the more vibrant vintages, like 2016, the wines are especially dazzling. The 2016 Fleurie VV offers incredible precision and clarity. Given the rarity of Métras in magnum and the energetic beauty of the 2016, this is a don't miss.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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