"The potential is huge"
2019 Willi Schaefer Graacher Himmelreich Grosse Lage

Posted by Joe Salamone

The 2019 Himmelreich Grosse Lage is absolutely gorgeous. It boasts outrageous clarity with an intense yet ultra-fine expression 

Probably the easiest way to think about the 2019 Grosse Lage bottling is a sort of Grosses Gewächs that didn't find its way to dryness. The 2019 GL is ever so slightly off-dry.  

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As fans of Schaefer know well, they let the vintage determine what wines they make. If the vintage doesn't lend itself to Kabinett or Auslese, so be it. They produce a lot less. The top drier wines are dramatic examples of this. For example, there wasn't any GG from 2012 to 2018.  

In the 2019, it's very easy to have the impression that the wine found its balance just past dryness. The small dose of sweetness harmonizes the wine and adds a touch more complexity. It has an incredible snap and impact. The overall calibration seems spot on. There are notes of peaches, stone fruits, spice, and tons of slate-y minerality.  

I'll keep this brief. Schaefer has a fan club that few producers anywhere can rival. We're expecting a quick sell out. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.  

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Mosel Fine Wines:  

"The 2019er Himmelreich GL, as it is referred to on the consumer label (GL stands for “Grosse Lage”), is a barely off-dry wine which was left on its gross lees for 18 months before being bottled (hence the late AP number). It proves still rather reduced and only reveals a spicy nose of dark fruits and fine spices at first. After quite some airing (ideally a day at the moment), its core of fresher elements comes through. The wine proves surprisingly impactful on the palate (at least by Willi Schaefer standards!) but this presence is gorgeously well wrapped into zesty and spicy elements. The finish is hugely long and subtly balancing between juicy and dry-tasting. A stunning feel of citrusy zest, spices, and dark berried fruits makes for a hugely rewarding aftertaste. This off-dry wine will really need time to reveal its beauty. But the potential is huge here especially as the wine firms up with age." 

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2019 Schaefer, Willi Riesling Graacher Himmelreich Grosse Lage

750 ml