The Swan Song For A Cornas Master
2006 Robert Michel Cornas La Geynale

Posted by Joe Salamone

When Thierry Allemand was a young man, he worked at Michel's domaine and describes it as a formative experience.

Along with Noël Verset and Marcel Juge, Robert Michel is one of the great wise men of Cornas.

In 2006, Michel retired and the wine world lost one of the best sources for Cornas. Today, we're happy to offer Michel's best wine, La Geynale, from his final vintage.

La Geynale is one of Cornas' greatest sites. It's basically an extension of Reynard. Michel's prime holdings include vines planted in 1910.

Michel's Geynale has been a fixture at Crush since we opened fifteen years ago and we have been buying back-vintages whenever we can find them. What always stands out is the thread of elegance that courses through the wine. Michel's Geynale is unyieldingly honest and rugged, for sure, but it's the element of gracefulness that sets it apart. As Geynale ages, the elegance really moves to the forefront.

The 2006 Geynale is just starting to enter its early drinking window. It presents itself as a seriously old school, unadorned Cornas. There's beautiful aromatics, dark fruits, olives, herbs, and subtle smokiness.

Before wrapping up, I should warn you that there's very little of this to go around. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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2006 Robert Michel Cornas La Geynale

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