The Ultimate Krug Experience - Lowest Price
Les Créations de 2004 (Direct from Krug)
(3 Bottles Each: 160ème Édition & 2004 Vintage)

Posted by Robert Schagrin

For the Krug fanatic, and the Champagne obsessed, this is as good as it gets.

Here, in a beautiful limited-edition wooden case, you get to witness two vintage snapshots of Krug's beguiling mastery for the lowest price in the country at $1,389.95.

I'm very happy to offer this extremely rare 6-pack. There are only 4 other listings in the world of these special cases with only one in the U.S.

Krug represents one of the pinnacles of not just Champagne, but all of wine. Krug can be simply profound in its depth of complexity and finesse.

Their success in the 2004 vintage is unparalleled. The Créations 6-pack allows you to witness their brilliance as both a pure vintage wine and as a base wine in their multi-vintage Grande Cuvée.

It's impossible not to mention that some of my most compelling and memorable Champagne experiences have been properly cellared, old Krug Grande Cuvées. They have been absolutely heartbreaking in their depth, complexity, nuance and overall elegance. Make no mistake, Grande Cuvée ages majestically. In fact, this is one of the great secrets among Champagne collectors.

Their mastery of blending is on bold display in the the 160ème Édition. The base wine is 2004 and it employs over 130 different reserve wines going back to 1990. This is an electric, layered and multifaceted version of Grande Cuvée that absolutely amazes.

The vintage 2004 Krug is dynamite. Antonio Galloni is spot-on when he calls it "magical." It's the best wine of the vintage in Champagne.

This 2004 is an utterly clear and defined wine, quite intense and intricately layered. We love vintages of Krug like this. While not shy on power and grandeur, the 2004 also delivers a radiant elegance that is riveting.

For Krug fans, having a Créations 6-pack in the cellar feels almost mandatory. The juxtaposition between the two wines is fascinating and the wooden case gilds the lily.

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Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner
Crush Wine & Spirits