"This beauty is overflowing with character" - 2004 Peyre Rose Clos des Cistes

Posted by Ian McFadden

If you travel the byways of French wine, you eventually find Peyre Rose. And things are never the same.

Peyre Rose is like no other wine you'll taste.

The estate may be known only to a small group of people, but they without a doubt re-orient any discussion about the potential of the Languedoc. Peyre Rose should be included with domaines like Grange des Péres and Mas de Daumas Gassac.

Peyre Rose has no difficulty rubbing elbows with these two elites, but that may undercut how unique the vision is here. David Schildknecht calls Peyre Rose: "character filled and absolutely singular wines." That sums it up well.

I've had the 2004 Clos des Cistes on numerous

occasions and each time it has blown me away. Clos des Cistes is a wine that doesn't pull any punches - it makes its ambitions very clear. In 2004, the results are stunning.

Clos des Cistes is mostly Syrah with 15% Grenache. It undergoes a long maceration and then spends a long time in old foudre. The 2004 vintage really allows Clos des Cistes to pop. The freshness of the vintage provides beautiful lift to complement the wines density and really teases the incredibly nuanced aromatics.

There's an incredible depth of complexity with floral notes, spices, game and iron-y minerality. There's a fascinating combination of savauge elements and elegance. David Schildknecht writes that the wine "is overflowing with character." It's a perfect pairing with the hearty fare of the cooler months to come.

The 2004 Clos des Cistes is one of the most startlingly good bottles that I've tasted this year. A cult has quietly formed around Peyre Rose and if you're wondering why, the 2004 Clos des Cistes provides a very compelling answer.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits