Thriving On Grace -
0.36ha 2015 Jouan Clos St-Denis

Posted by Ian McFadden

Jouan's line-up reaches its absolute peak with their Clos St. Denis.

The unfortunate part is that Jouan only has 0.36ha in Clos St. Denis.

I was very happy to have a second chance to buy the 2015 Clos St. Denis. We did a very small offering last spring that quickly sold out.

Jouan's wines possess a captivating mixture of perfume and delicacy. Their whispering complexity and grace has won Jouan a cult following. The wines are quickly snapped up by insiders. This is especially true of the Clos St. Denis. It feels like a real score to have landed this parcel.

Many people are fond of comparing Jouan's wines to the legendary wines of the now retired Jacky Truchot. The wines share a kinship in terms of their texture and quiet, whispering allure. Jouan's wines are some of the most delightfully pensive Burgundies that I know of.

The Grand Cru Clos St. Denis is celebrated for its class, purity, and feminine grace. It's a perfect match for Jouan.

Jouan's Clos St. Denis is always incredibly soulful and nuanced, but we're expecting the 2015 to evolve into something extraordinary. The 2015s are a dream brew, combining elegance, concentration and vibrant lift.

The interest in 2015 red Burgundies is intense. I feel really lucky to have landed a second tranche of Clos St. Denis. Given how small Jouan's parcel is in Clos St. Denis, I doubt that I'll get lucky again.

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Ian McFadden

Director Fine & Rare Wine
Crush Wine & Spirits