Traditional Piedmont Steal:
2011 Petterino Gattinara Riserva

Posted by Joe Salamone

Marco Petterino’s wines are otherworldly.

Located high in the Alto-Piedmont, where Nebbiolo sheds some of its muscle in exchange for elegance and floral aromatics, Petterino crafts traditionally-made wines with breathtaking finesse and an indescribable integrity.

For decades they've been quietly working his 2.5 hectares of vines, all located in Gattinara's top sites, with steadfast traditionalism. Most unusually, he follows the old-school practice of holding back each wine until it reaches maturity, often about 8-10 years after the harvest.

In short, the tiny estate seems to operate out of space and time. There's no place where this is clearer than pricing. Given the age and perfect provenance, it’s easy to imagine a hefty price tag. But this is a ridiculously good value.

We've been offering Petterino's wines for almost seven years and the offers have been some of our most popular. It makes total sense. It's the best value for traditionally made wines with age that we've encountered.

Petterino’s Gattinara is one of the purest expressions of the region. Generally speaking, Nebbiolo from Gattinara lies somewhere between the floral, alpine expressions of Carema and the muscular intensity of Barolo.

The 2011 Riserva absolutely wows with its depth of flavor and vibrant energy. It’s a bit richer and more powerful than past vintages, with a profile that leans towards dark fruit and earth, but it maintains a beautiful level of elegance and lift. It’s just entering maturity now, but I expect it has another 7-10 years of fascinating life ahead of it. Gattinara wines have a seriously impressive track record for aging.

Every vintage of Petterino’s Gattinara that we’ve offered in the past has sold out in a flash. Traditionally-made Nebbiolo with age and at this price point is simply not to be missed. Don’t wait.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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