Untamed Côte Rôtie - Magnum Edition:
2017 Levet Côte Rôtie La Chavaroche Magnums

Posted by Joe Salamone

Levet's Chavaroche is one of the most unyieldingly traditional and fascinating wines currently being made in the northern Rhône.

Neal Rosenthal, Levet's importer, aptly sums up the wines: "If you want the truest of Côte-Rôties...if you admire both the intellectual and the savage, then this is a must-buy wine."

I'm happy to offer Levet's 2017 Côte-Rôtie La Chavaroche in magnums for $159.95 each.

Chavaroche is a brutally rocky and steeply terraced southwest-facing vineyard. Levet is meticulous in the vineyard, but the grapes simply do their thing in the cellar – vinification is thoughtful, but there’s no artifice at work.

What results is an unapologetically honest expression of Côte-Rôtie. Chavaroche offers up a complicated and rugged presentation of animal, mineral, violets, olives, and dark fruit.

The 2017 Chavaroche is a riper vintage for the wine. Given Levet's steadfastly old-fashioned winemaking, having an extra dimension of fruit really complements the wine's formidable structure.

Chavaroche is notorious for demanding time in the cellar. Even more fruit-driven vintages, like 2017, need decades to begin showing their best. With age, Levet's wines become even more nuanced, captivating, and refined. Chavaroche remains one of the smartest buys for your cellar, especially when it's in magnums.

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Joe Salamone

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2017 Levet Cote Rotie La Chavaroche Magnums

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