World-Class Portugal:
2015 Gonçalves Faria Branco Bairrada

Posted by Joe Salamone

The wines of Bairrada leave an unforgettable imprint on your memory.

Along with Colares, the wines of Bairrada are the longest lived dry wines in all of Portugal. Whether red or white, it's common to see bottles still fresh and captivating at 30 years old.

Today, we focus on the most impressive young white from Bairrada that we've tasted.

If Portuguese whites conjure up thoughts of low acidity and flabbiness, you need to think again when it comes to Bairrada. These are electric and vigorous cool climate wines that struggle to reach modest levels of alcohol.

The 2015 Gonçalves Faria possesses a stunning mineral finesse and nearly untamed vivacity. It seems impossible to taste this wine and not be incredibly impressed.

António Maria Gonçalves Faria reportedly crafted some of the most memorable examples of Bairrada. For many years, the famed port producer Dirk Niepoort distributed the wines. Recently, Niepoort purchased the estate. António Maria's son, João Pedro, remains at the domain maintaining the vineyards.

For Niepoort, Bairrada is Portugal's best terroir. He has been involved in wine projects in Bairrada since 1995. The Gonçalves Faria Branco utilizes 80-year-old vines, a field blend of Bical and Maria Gomes. The wine ages in old 1,000-liter barrels that Niepoort brings over from the Mosel.

Bairrada is bounded by the hills of Dão to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. The cooler climate, along with clay and limestone soils, renders intense wines of sleek elegance. The 2015 Gonçalves Faria Branco amazes with its density, razor cut and precision. You get a rush of citrus and polished minerality.

This is an unforgettable bottle. We've created special 4-pack pricing to encourage you to watch this evolve. Everything is in place for an absolutely brilliant bottle for decades to come.

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Joe Salamone

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