World Premiere, Special Pricing: 2003 Krug Clos du Mesnil

Posted by Robert Schagrin

The 1.84-hectare Clos du Mesnil is holy ground for Chardonnay.

Dazzling is a word that seems to come up often when describing Krug's Clos du Mesnil. It's that riveting in its minerality, elegance and complexity.

The renowned Champagne expert Richard Juhlin says: "For me, Krug Clos du Mesnil is the best wine in the world!"

Part of the fascination of Clos du Mesnil is the juxtaposition of the Krug style with the specificity of this particular terroir. Krug has built their immense reputation on their skills and affinity for blending, yet the Clos du Mesnil is the antithesis of that philosophy. This is singular Champagne in every way: single-vineyard, single-varietal (blanc de blancs), single-vintage Krug all the way.

Yet in 2003, Clos du Mesnil pushes this singularity to the limit. The growing conditions throughout Europe were defined by the infamous, record-setting heat. In Champagne, these extremes were even more greatly exaggerated: On one end, was the summer heat and on the other were the spring frosts that reduced the crop by an incredible 50%. All of this added to a fascinating, extreme Clos du Mesnil. The wine is famous for its taut, precise minerality backed by a regal richness. The tension of the 2003 vintage really intensified this impression of minerality, especially in the jam packed mid-palate.

Clos du Mesnil's hallmarks are all boldly present. The '03 is finessed and persistent, amazingly concentrated. Lines of smoke and chalk along with whispers of baking spice and toasted nuts outline the stone fruits and citrus.

Clos du Mesnil is one of winedom's most hallowed places. I'm happy to offer the 2003 at this special pricing. 2003 was a minuscule vintage for Clos du Mesnil. This release will disappear from the market.

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Robert Schagrin

Managing Partner

Crush Wine & Spirits