0.2ha - First Ever Kabinett:
2015 Lauer Lambertskirch Kabinett

Posted by Joe Salamone

Lambertskirch lies just down river from Schonfels. It's a vineyard that Florian Lauer has invested a tremendous amount of effort in restoring.

He's convinced of its greatness.

From past experience, Florian knew that this rocky grey slate vineyard had the potential to make absolutely killer Rieslings. Tasting the 2015 Kabinett, it's difficult to doubt Florian's wisdom. The wine packs a mindboggling amount of complexity into its lithe frame.

Florian's family had leased Lambertskirch until the 1990s. Sometime around 2000, the owners of the vineyard tore up the vines, and by the time Florian purchased the vineyard in 2010, it was covered with fruit trees. Clearing and replanting the site was incredibly hard work.

Geneally speaking, Lauer's Kabinetts are special wines; he does not make Kabinetts in every vintage. 2015 is the first vintage that a Kabinett was released from Lambertskirch and only the second vintage that Florian released a wine from the site. In 2014 Lauer re-introduced the site with a Spätlese that had a touch of botrytis. We're excited to see a Lambertskirch Kabinett, because it provides such an unobstructed, pure example of the vineyard.

There's a magic to Lauer's Kabinetts - an unmistakable, explosive tension. Perhaps no one else in the Saar (with the one exception being a gentlemen by the name of Egon Müller) is able to marry such power, such generous depth of fruit and such a range of saturating flavor, to an architecture that is so sharply defined.

The 2015 Lambertskirch is simultaneously dense and creamy and possesses a racy delicacy. The tension and the multi-dimensional presence is thrilling. There's a layered complexity full of spice, citrus and gentle hints of exotic flourishes. The Lambertskirch beautifully highlights how Kabinetts can uniquely deliver poise and weightlessness with intensity and depth.

By now, word is out on Lauer's 2015s. It's a stunning collection of wines. And the Lambertskirch is a stand out. Don't miss.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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2015 Lauer Lambertskirch Kabinett