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Lauer GG:
The Saar in Technicolor

For the collector new to dry Riesling, these are both simply benchmark wines. For the purist, there is almost nothing these wines don’t have. For reasons that are honestly unclear to most savvy buyers in the know, Lauer's Grand Crus can be had at prices that are more than reasonable.

The Grand Sequel
2022 Lauer Schonfels Kabinett

It's a deadly steep, cliff-vineyard with 100-year-old ungrafted vines (some of the oldest in this famous valley) battered by cold winds.

The Inexplicable Deal of the Auctions
2021 Lauer Kabinett Auction

Lauer's absolutely fierce Auction Kabinett - always one of our favorites and very much an insider's wine - was one of the few to trade at a very reasonable price.

Mineral Fireworks: 2018 Lauer “Senior”

With vintage 2018, Lauer presents us with the most explosive “Senior” bottling since the celebrated 2007. For the first time ever, we begin our 2018 vintage German campaign with one of our most popular offerings every year: Lauer’s formidable dry Riesling “Senior.”

"Precise, focused and energizing" -Mosel Fine Wines
2016 Lauer Ayler Kupp Kabinett Auction

For the past few years, Lauer's Auction Kabinett has been one of the most exciting Kabinetts that we taste. Last week, we opened a bottle of the 2016 and it was a gorgeous version of the wine. It has thrilling crystal clear presentation and cut. We had three different bottles opened and it was the Lauer that people returned to again and again.

"This is plain gorgeous" -
Mosel Fine Wine 2016 Lauer Unterstenberg

In 2016, Lauer nailed it with Unterstenberg. This may be the most precise and multidimensional Unterstenberg that we've tasted. 

Direct from the Cellar - 32 Year Old Sparkler:
1984 Lauer Sekt Reserve

Lauer's late release sparkling Rieslings have redefined what Riesling is capable of for us.

Grand Cru in everything but price… 2016 Weingut Peter Lauer "Senior"

The perfection of proportion: is 2016 the ultimate purist’s vintage?

0.2ha - First Ever Kabinett:
2015 Lauer Lambertskirch Kabinett

Lambertskirch lies just down river from Schonfels. It's a vineyard that Florian Lauer has invested a tremendous amount of effort in restoring. He's convinced of its greatness.

2015 Lauer Grosses Gewächs:
Kupp & Schonfels

At this point, Lauer's reputation speaks for itself. Lauer's wines are studies in delicacy and intensity. In 2015, everything is amplified: the razor cut, the clarity, the intensity...

Lauer "Grand Cru" - Muscle and Finesse:
2015 Lauer Saarfeilser GG

Lauer's GGs are some of the most anticipated arrivals of the 2015 vintage.

Only The Essential:
2015 Lauer Ayler Kupp Kabinett Auction

For the past few years, Lauer's Kabinett has been one of our favorite purchases from the Grosser Ring Auctions. In 2015, it's even more so. We've been beating the drum for Lauer's 2015s for months, and the Kabinett Auction represents one of the pinnacles of the collection.

Saar Icon, Historic Vintage
MAGNUMS: 2015 Weingut Peter Lauer "Senior"

One of the greatest Seniors that Florian Lauer has made in his 10-year career, in magnum. If you're reading this offer, then it's almost guaranteed that you've already heard plenty about the incredible 2015 vintage in Germany. 

A Force of Mineral:
2015 Lauer Unterstenberg

Lauer's meteoric rise among the greats of Germany, along with the fevered reactions to the 2015 vintage, have resulted in what is likely the earliest ever sell-out at the estate. If you want to have some "Grand Cru" Lauer in your cellar, especially in this vintage, do not delay.

24 Years Young:
1992 Lauer Riesling Sekt Reserve

Lauer’s late-release sparkling Rieslings have become the stuff of legend among Crush regulars. There are few wines that showcase such a fascinating weave of maturity and freshness, of power and finesse.

2015 Weingut Peter Lauer "Senior" - Historic Vintage: One of the Greatest Values

The 2015 Senior is, simply put, one of the greatest Florian Lauer has made in his 10-year career The 2015 vintage in Germany is one of the most exciting of recent memory. I'm sure that this is going to meet with a really strong response. I should warn you straight out: the wine is already sold out at the estate. It's best to jump on this now. 

Lauer Grand Cru: Completing the Trilogy – RARE!

As we just wrote, Lauer’s rare GGs are among the most coveted dry Rieslings out there. And of Lauer’s GGs, the Schonfels is the rarest. In fact, we have only a few cases to offer - a handful of bottles. Please give us your maximum order but note we will likely have to allocate.