0.34HA - Uncommon Grace:
2015 Bertheau Bonnes Mares

Posted by Ian McFadden

Bertheau's 2015s promise to be absolutely stunning. The combination of vintage and producer created amazing results.

As always, the Bonnes Mares represents the Grand Cru crown jewel of Bertheau's line-up in 2015.

Bertheau's parcel in Bonnes Mares is 0.34 ha. It's a rare bottle and that fact is all the more painful because it's a wine that I love.

He produces an absolutely gorgeous Bonnes Mares. It offers up the Grand Cru's muscle along with a really impressive degree of finesse and agility.

In the 2015, the Bonnes Mares boasts an incredible intensity and refinement. Bonnes Mares' power is on display, but it's rendered with a startling amount of subtlety and energy. For all of its restraint, there's explosive aromatics of dark red fruits, floral notes and orange peel. There's no doubt that this will go down in the books as an epic vintage for the wine.

Even seasoned and reserved Burgundy experts are saying that 2015 is one of the great red Burgundy vintages of the past three decades. Given how limited Bertheau's Bonnes Mares is, we don't expect this to stick around for long.

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Ian McFadden

Director, Fine & Rare Wine
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2015 Bertheau Bonnes Mares