2015 Lauer Grosses Gewächs:
Kupp & Schonfels

Posted by Joe Salamone

At this point, Lauer's reputation speaks for itself. Lauer's wines are studies in delicacy and intensity.

In 2015, everything is amplified: the razor cut, the clarity, the intensity...

Unsurprisingly, Lauer's GGs are some of the most anticipated arrivals of the 2015 vintage.

We offered the Saarfeilser GG in early February. Today, we complete the trilogy with Kupp and Schonfels GGs.

The Kupp is Lauer’s most famous vineyard and one of the great sites of the Saar. Sourced from the best parcels in the vineyard, the Kupp GG is one of the most complete wines of the Saar. The 2015 Kupp GG is superbly elegant, floral and airy. There's a beautiful tactile acidity which provides an undercurrent to the dazzling array of stone fruits, herbs, slate and citrus.

The Schonfels is one of the steepest and most formidable sites in the Saar. It is a veritable cliff face, lined with 100-year-old ungrafted vines. In fact, the site is so difficult to work, the yields so low, that Florian Lauer’s father stopped working the Schonfels decades ago. When Florian took over the estate in 2005, he immediately started the brutal task of clearing the vineyards and bringing the vines back to life.

The old vines produce tiny grapes, thus the juice-to-skin ratio is quite low, giving the wines an extreme phenolic density. Add to that the fact that the site is literally blasted by the cold Saar wind, keeping acid levels high and extending the growing season. The 2015 Schonfels is an epic, penetrating and incredibly intense version of Schonfels. It's long and packed with complexity.

If you start looking around for Lauer's 2015 GGs, you'll find a few listings in the entire country for each of them. I mention this just to underscore how limited the wines are. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

To order, reply to offers@crushwineco.com or call the store at (212) 980-9463.

Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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2015 Lauer Grosses Gewächs