2022 Stein Palmberg-Terrassen Spätlese Trocken: Awe and Reverence

Posted by Joe Salamone

This is one of our favorite wines on earth.

It is a staff favorite, a bottle of wine that is treated with a certain level of awe and reverence here.

Yes, it's a profound bottling from a profound site - a terraced wall of a vineyard with ungrafted vines nearing and over a century old. It is a wine that easily trades in the most serious signatures of the Mosel: weight and depth with a riveting, crystalline energy.

photo of bottle of Stein Palmberg-Terrassen Spatlese Trocken

The 2022 edition of Stein's Palmberg-Terrassen comes to us with both muscle and tendon, depth and layers of citrus with a reverberating acidity - a structure not quite as high-strung as 2021 but with ample energy - perhaps in line with the formidable 2019.

This is Stein's top dry Riesling in 2022 and you can taste it. This wine has everything.

Perhaps it's trite to advise buyers "not to miss" - yet these are special and rare bottles from one of the Mosel's most admired traditionalists.

In the last decade, Ulli Stein has been lionized - both by seasoned collectors who recognize the force and rigor of his wines and also by a younger generation of winemakers who see in Stein something of a visionary, showing a way with low-sulfur wines as well as Pinot Noir and beyond.

Spend even the briefest bit of time with Stein in the vertigo-inspiring and slate-riddled Palmberg-Terrassen and you immediately sense what a special place it is and what a special human Stein is.

A lot has changed since we were among the first to offer Stein wines in the U.S. over 15 years ago. Stein's Palmberg has gone from a curiosity to something of a legendary wine.

And for all this, the bottle can be had for under $50.

As we've written before in regards to this wine, while the price is far from being "the hook," it's comforting to know that wines of this rigor, classicism, and quality can still be found without spending a lot of money.

At any price, wines as balanced, composed, and soulful as this are rare.

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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