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The Heir to the Keller Dry Scheurebe Throne?
2022 Leipold Scheurebe Trocken Alte Reben

For us, it is hard to describe the wine's soaring, airy rush across the palate. It has a sleek, satiny minerality infused with salt and ocean breezes, a glacial freshness that is so incisive and weightless.

2022 Stein Palmberg-Terrassen Spätlese Trocken: Awe and Reverence

Yes, it's a profound bottling from a profound site - a terraced wall of a vineyard with ungrafted vines nearing and over a century old. It is a wine that easily trades in the most serious signatures of the Mosel: weight and depth with a riveting, crystalline energy.

"Baby" Grand Cru Steal:
2019 Emrich-Schönleber "Mineral" Trocken

Along with bottlings like Keller's "von der Fels" or Lauer's "Senior," it's a wine with an undeniable Grand Cru pedigree. It is, by all standards, simply a declassified Grand Cru.

Rare Sightings: 2012 Keller Kirchspiel Grosses Gewäch

I was all over this parcel when I saw it. Keller's 2012s are dynamite. At this point, Keller is recognized as one of the greatest winemakers in the world. Try finding his Grosses Gewächs and it becomes clear that the world has taken notice. 

“The greatest dry wines I’ve ever made” - 2015 JB Becker Walkenberg Auslese Trocken

For Hans-Josef Becker, the dry Riesling reign began with his first vintage in 1971. Yet the pinnacle comes forty-four years later. Today we present a tiny, final parcel of his top dry wine, the Walkenberg Auslese Trocken. This is his Grand Cru dry Riesling, and it is a formidable monument to one of the top vintages of the last few decades.

Riveting Transparency:
2015 Emrich-Schönleber Riesling “Mineral” Trocken

Today, we present 2015 Germany at its most razor sharp, clear and yes, mineral. We've spoken at length about the magic of the 2015 vintage - ripeness married to crackling acidity.