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2021 Keller Riesling Von der Fels Trocken

Posted by Joe Salamone

Keller's Von der Fels is one of the most complex and fascinating wines that you’ll find at its price point.

Keller is recognized as one of the greatest domaines in the world. There are many monuments in the line-up, but perhaps the best is what he achieves with Von der Fels.

photo of bottle of Keller Riesling Von Der Fels Trocken

Each vintage, people flock to Von der Fels. The explanation is simple: it delivers a level of complexity comparable to Keller’s impossible-to-find GGs but costs just a fraction of the price. Frankly, at this point, Von der Fels is almost as hard to find as the GGs. 

The connection between Von der Fels and the GGs is a substantial one. The majority of the grapes that make up Von der Fels come from Kirchspiel and Hubacker, two of Keller's GG sites. 

The 2021 is a laser-focused example of the wine with loads of finesse. It's a wine of amazing length and chiseled minerality.

Von der Fels has a really impressive track record for aging in the mid-term (8-10 years) while being gorgeous in its youth. I tasted a 2009 Von der Fels a couple of months ago, and it was brilliant. 

Before wrapping up, I should warn you that this offer will sell out quickly, and allocations are very likely. 

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Joe Salamone
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2021 Keller Riesling Von Der Fels Trocken

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