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Baby "Grand Cru"
2021 Keller Riesling Von der Fels Trocken

Keller's Von der Fels is one of the most complex and fascinating wines that you’ll find at its price point.

The Heir to the Keller Dry Scheurebe Throne?
2022 Leipold Scheurebe Trocken Alte Reben

For us, it is hard to describe the wine's soaring, airy rush across the palate. It has a sleek, satiny minerality infused with salt and ocean breezes, a glacial freshness that is so incisive and weightless.

2019 Keller Abtserde Grosses Gewächs

The 2019 Abtserde GG boasts a mind-boggling combination of concentration and laser-like focus and cut. There are few wines around that cover such a range, and even fewer that do so with a comparable grace and harmony. 

Baby "Grand Cru"
2020 Keller Riesling QbA Von Der Fels Trocken

Keller Goes Orange
2018 Keller Grauer Burgunder Trocken Reserve Alte Reben

Keller has taken the wine world by storm. His GGs have become impossible to find. Today, we're happy to present part of Keller's line-up that works on an entirely different wavelength. 

Baby "Grand Cru"
2017 Keller Riesling von der Fels Trocken

Year after year, we watch people buy Von der Fels in case quantities. The explanation is simple: you'd be hard pressed to find a bottle that delivers as much refinement and sophistication as Keller's von der Fels.

Supremely Elegant:
2015 Keller Riesling Von Der Fels Trocken

There very well may be no other $30 bottle of white wine that delivers as much refinement and sophistication as Keller's. The 2015 Keller Von der Fels flaunts this in ways that we've seldom seen from this ridiculously over-performing bottle.