Cult Mountain Nebbiolo
2017 Ferrando Carema Etichetta Bianca

Posted by Joe Salamone

Ferrando's Carema is Nebbiolo at its purest, its most energetic, and its most aromatic. 

In short, Carema is an alpine Nebbiolo of breathtaking grace. 

photo of bottle of Ferrando Carema Bianca

Ferrando's Carema has an indescribable and profound impact on many who taste the wine. Ferrando's importer, Neal Rosenthal, has never been shy about his love of Ferrando's wines. He has no shortage of great wines at his fingertips - think of people like Fourrier and Barthod. Yet he's written: "When I am asked which wine would I choose were I to be restricted to a single one, my answer is: Carema." 

At high altitudes, in the shadows of Mt. Blanc, on soil that's pretty much eroded rock, the grape assumes a level of finesse that's gorgeous and hauntingly singular. 

The just arrived 2017 Carema is a fascinating expression of the wine. The vintage was a riper one. Ferrando capitalized on the vintage's ripeness to introduce an extra dimension to the wine's always thrilling lithe frame.

The 2017 Carema Etichetta Bianca is one of the most successful wines of the vintage in Piedmont. In vintages like 2017, the combination of acidity and power allows it to age beautifully. For fans of Carema, this is a don't miss. 

To order, email or call the store at (212) 980-9463. 

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