Mineral Fireworks: 2018 Lauer “Senior”

Posted by Joe Salamone

With vintage 2018, Lauer presents us with the most explosive “Senior” bottling since the celebrated 2007.

For the first time ever, we begin our 2018 vintage German campaign with one of our most popular offerings every year: Lauer’s formidable dry Riesling “Senior.”

Sourced from 70+ year-old, ungrafted vines in one of Florian’s coolest Grand Cru parcels, Lauer’s “Senior” is simply one of the great dry Rieslings of Germany. It is without question one of the greatest values in white wine; Grand Cru in everything but price.

With the 2018 edition, we have one of the most explosive and most floral of any previous “Senior” we can remember. While this much-hyped vintage has shaped many wines with dense, almost exotic mid-palates awash with stone fruit and citrus, what elevates Lauer’s cool-climate “Senior” is it’s balance… it’s restraint, it’s crystalline focus.

Lauer’s 2018 “Senior” is a fireworks show of mineral and flower, perfumed honeysuckle layered over rain-washed slate. Yet this generosity is beautifully shaped, it is defined, by that rigorous acidity which has made both the Saar, and Lauer, beloved.

If 2018 is a “ripe” vintage, you don’t feel it here – there is no extra baby fat, no heat. This is as tense and nervous as any “Senior” Florian has ever made. As always, the core of this wine is profoundly mineral, even saline.

Senior is one of our most popular offerings every year. There's no doubt that this will sell out quickly.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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