Not The Rhone, Not Beaujolais. Somewhere In Between:
2018 Deplaude de Tartaras Hop La & La Chanse

Posted by Joe Salamone

Deplaude de Tartaras is technically from Coteaux-Du-Gier. More accurately, this is the middle of nowhere between the northern Rhône and southern Beaujolais. The wines are truly noteworthy for their purity and drinkability.

These are wines that I really enjoy drinking. Few wines offer similar joyfulness, transparency, and rigor. 

Pierre-Andre and Anne Deplaude practice mixed agriculture on the 15ha farm along with rented parcels. In addition to making wine, they raise milk cows and grow grains and fruit. When milk prices cratered in the early 2000s, they started to increase wine production. 

Before phylloxera, Coteaux-Du-Gier was planted with over 20,000 hectares of vineyards. Today, there's around 20ha, with Deplaude de Tartaras farming 7.7ha. Along with Pinot Noir, Syrah, Gamay, Viognier, Roussanne, and other familiar grapes, they also grow obscure grapes common in the area prior to phylloxera. The vineyards are steep, and soils are a combination of schist, mica-schist, and clay. 

The Hop La, based entirely on Gamay, is an essay in deliciousness. It's incredibly precise, with an energetic mineral core, and a luminous clarity. A glass gets emptied very quickly. 

The La Chanse is all Syrah. It's a savory example of the grape, offering up olives, sun-baked herbs, and spice. La Chanse is a little richer and has a less forbidding structure than many examples from the northern Rhône. There's a really appealing forest floor accented boysenberry fruit. It takes about an hour for the wine to click into high gear. 

In short, these are wines that we love to drink. It's very much worth picking up the discounted 6-pack. These are wines that you'll want around your table and elsewhere often. 

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Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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2018 Deplaude de Tartaras Hop La & La Chanse

2018 Hop La
Special Bottle Price: $25.95
2018 La Chanse
Special Bottle Price: $26.95

Special 6-Pack Price (3 of each): $143.70