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2016 Lauer Ayler Kupp Kabinett Auction

Posted by Joe Salamone

For the past few years, Lauer's Auction Kabinett has been one of the most exciting Kabinetts that we taste.

Last week, we opened a bottle of the 2016 and it was a gorgeous version of the wine. It has thrilling crystal clear presentation and cut. We had three different bottles opened and it was the Lauer that people returned to again and again.

With auction bottlings, there's always the temptation to push things to the extreme in terms of richness, power, etc. What we love about Lauer's Kabinett Auction is how it concentrates on purity, fineness and, ultimately, about stripping everything down to the essential.

Auction bottlings represent some of the greatest wines to come out of Germany. We've been consistently blown away by the auction selections of our favorite producers. While there's no getting around the price tags, it's clear that there's a large gulf between the auction bottlings and their regular releases.

Lauer’s 2016s have a beautiful harmony and are crystal clear in their expression. There's no doubt that the 2016s at Lauer are equal to their 2015s.

The Kabinett Auction dramatizes the beauty of the 2016 collection. It has a soaring luminous quality and a lovely saline mineral edge. The balance that this Kabinett has is simply stunning. It's a perfect example of intensity without weight.

Sadly, we saw much less of Lauer's 2016 Kabinett Auction than we've seen in the past. I'm expecting this to sell out quickly. Please give us your ideal order and we'll try our best.

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Joe Salamone

Wine Buyer
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