Rhône Royalty:
2021 Chave Hermitage Rouge

Posted by Ian McFadden

Chave’s masterful Hermitage is the crown jewel of the northern Rhône; there's simply no better expression of Syrah on the planet.

The Chave family has been making wine on the slopes of the northern Rhône for over 500 years, and Hermitage Rouge is their flagship bottling. Chave allows Hermitage to shine in all of its majestic nobility and ageworthiness.

photo of bottle of Chave Hermitage Rouge NV

Chave's 2021 Hermitage is not only an extraordinarily pure and transparent vintage but also one with an architecture that promises an incredible evolution. This is a vintage where the nobility of Chave is laid bare.

As all great Chaves do, the 2021 Hermitage Rouge delivers regal grandeur with refined elegance. Cool vintages like 2021 lend themselves perfectly to Chave’s long-lived style. They bring the breeding and dazzling elegance that's inherent to Chave to the forefront. When vintages like 2021 reach maturity, look out. They offer crazy finesse with kaleidoscopic aromatics and mysterious depth.

Chave's wines are beautiful fusions of power and refinement. The 2021 is a stunner in this regard, showing Syrah as its most pristine. It feels like a throwback vintage, and one that shouldn't be missed.

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Ian McFadden
Director, Fine & Rare
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2021 Chave Hermitage Rouge

750 ml