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Foillard Rarity:
2015 Foillard Morgon Athanor

In most great vintages, this wine would be called cuvée 3,14. However, the 2015 vintage was so singular that the wine was given its own name. Athanor is a reference to a furnace that medieval alchemists believed could turn base metals into gold. That gives you a sense of how extraordinary the wine is.

Long-Haul Beaujolais
2015 Clos de la Roilette Fleurie Cuvée Tardive

For Beaujolais fans, Roilette's Cuvée Tardive occupies a very special place. There are few bottles of Beaujolais that have the track record for aging, can deliver the incredible value and are as loved as Tardive. 

Irresistible Deliciousness: 2015 Dutraive Fleurie Chapelle Des Bois

Just over a week ago, we offered Dutraive's 2015 Grand'Cour VV. It sold out in a flash. Today, we turn to Dutraive's Chapelle Des Bois. Chapelle des Bois shows a very different dimension to Dutraive's style. Chapelle des Bois and Grand' Cour can be viewed as bookends. If Grand' Cour is "Fleurie with teeth" in its structure and power, Chapelle des Bois is more delicate and feminine.