Irresistible Deliciousness: 2015 Dutraive Fleurie Chapelle Des Bois

Posted by Joe Salamone

Just over a week ago, we offered Dutraive's 2015 Grand'Cour VV. It sold out in a flash.

Today, we turn to Dutraive's Chapelle Des Bois.

Chapelle des Bois shows a very different dimension to Dutraive's style. Chapelle des Bois and Grand' Cour can be viewed as bookends. If Grand' Cour is "Fleurie with teeth" in its structure and power, Chapelle des Bois is more delicate and feminine.

There's little doubt that Dutraive has started to assume an important presence in the American market. It's pretty amazing when you consider how crowded it was in 2010 when Dutraive first reached these shores. Simply put, the wines are that good.

Dutraive's 2015s are some of the most compelling Beaujolais we've tasted so far. He judged the vintage really well. 2015 Beaujolais is a powerful vintage. Many are hailing it as one of the best that we've seen. What separates Dutraive's wines is the dimension of vibrancy and lift that they bring to the large scale nature of the vintage.

The 2015 Chapelle des Bois drives home just how floral and high-toned Dutraive's wines are in this vintage. Chapelle des Bois is wildly gulpable - it's suavely textured and beautifully fresh. It's the combination of deliciousness and complexity that makes it so remarkable.

Its sheer deliciousness is one of the reasons that we created special 4-pack pricing. This is a wine that you'll want to have around in ample quantity.

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Joe Salamone

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2015 Dutraive Fleurie Chapelle Des Bois

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