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2022 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Grand Cru: Limestone vs. Sandstone

These two wines are a spellbinding fireworks show of terroir—limestone versus sandstone—from an estate that changed the course of German Pinot Noir.

The Swiss Army Knife of Wine:
2022 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir-Rosé

The magic is the brightness and freshness of the nose, which make the wine feel like a rosé, while the depth of fruit and soil transparency leave the impression of a red wine.

Extreme Weightlessness:
2021 Enderle & Moll Pinot Noir Buntsandstein

The "Buntsandstein" is normally the most expansive of the Pinot Noir collection; this is perhaps the most focused edition they have ever made.

2015 Enderle & Moll Rosé

The wine of Enderle & Moll have quickly assumed cult status.