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"This is such a captivating wine" - 2016 Nervi-Conterno Gattinara

Nervi-Conterno simply hit the bullseye with their 2016 Gattinara.

There's no doubt that 2016 is an important vintage in Piedmont. The wines are gorgeous. 

Traditional Piedmont Steal - Revisited:
2011 Petterino Gattinara Riserva

Marco Petterino’s wines are otherworldly. Located high in the Alto-Piedmont, where Nebbiolo sheds some of its muscle in exchange for elegance and floral aromatics, Petterino crafts traditionally-made wines with breathtaking finesse and indescribable integrity.

Unbeatable Aged Nebbiolo Value:
2006 Petterino Gattinara

The Petterino estate seems lost in time. With Conterno's purchase last year, it's official that the northern Piedmont has blown up. (Though for many it happened long ago.) Still, you can find producers who spent years in relative obscurity and that results in plenty of value to be had. 

Wine of the Year #2:
Ian's Pick - 2013 Nervi Gattinara Molsino

There’s no doubt that 2018 marks a turning point for the northern Piedmont. The wines had been steadily assuming a place on the world stage, but Roberto Conterno’s purchase of the Nervi estate catapulted the region’s profile.