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Large Formats: Allemand, Chave, Dom Pérignon, Liger-Belair,
Mascarello, Philipponnat, Raveneau, Roumier & More

The list below covers a lot of ground. You'll find everything from back-vintage Allemand and Gonon to Métras's Fleurie and older Musar. 

The Noble Savage Revisited: 2001 Chateau Musar

When we had a chance to buy more 2001 Musar, we jumped on it.

The Untamed Beauty of Château Musar
2004 & 2006

There's something magical about Musar. The wines combine an aristocratic air with wild, sauvage beauty. How they pull off such gamey, untamed complexity with such harmony and nobility is amazing.

The Noble Savage:
2001 Chateau Musar

Last week, we offered '98 and '99 Musar and the offer blew up. Today, we're happy to present Musar's 2001.

The Noble Savage Revisited: 1999 Chateau Musar

In January, we did an offer on 1999 Musar. The response was nearly overwhelming. When another parcel came our way, we jumped on it.