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A Study In Balance
2014 Colin-Morey St. Aubin Le Banc

Colin-Morey produced a stunning cast of 2014s. Sadly, today marks the end of the road for our PYCM offers.

Only The Essential:
2013 Colin-Morey St. Aubin 1er Cru La Chatenière

Colin-Morey's are the purest and most intense expressions of Chardonnay around. The 2013s brought the domaine's clarity and precision to the next level. When they were first released, I bought every bottle of the 2013 PYCM that I could get my hands on. I jumped at the chance to reload on the St. Aubin Chatenière.

Weightless Intensity:
2014 Colin-Morey Corton Charlemagne

It's a pretty simple equation. Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey is a huge talent. His 2014's are killer. And Corton-Charlemagne is one of the greatest pieces of earth for the Chardonnay grape. 

Dazzling Refinement and Depth:
2014 Colin-Morey St. Aubin En Remilly

Colin-Morey's En Remilly is a very interesting phenomenon. An incredibly wide range of people devote their time to tracking it down. It includes everyone from blue chip collectors to wine geeks and value seekers.