The Inexplicable Deal of the Auctions
2021 Lauer Kabinett Auction

Posted by Joe Salamone

"Only What is Essential"

Pricing for the top Kabinetts at last week's German auctions was stratospheric: Willi Schaefer's Auction Kabinett at 155 Euros a bottle, J.J. Prüm's at 405 Euros, Egon Müller's at 500 Euro, Keller's at 1,200 Euros a bottle. Have no doubt, the Kabinett has arrived.

The enthusiasm is warranted. None other than Keller has recently stated: "A more perfect vintage for Kabinett I cannot remember. A vintage like 2021 we'll probably get only every 20 years."

photo of the featured wine front label

Lauer's absolutely fierce Auction Kabinett - always one of our favorites and very much an insider's wine - was one of the few to trade at a very reasonable price.

Today we offer what we believe are the only bottles available in the U.S. market for as low as $59.95 on the 4-pack. Please give us your ideal order, and we'll try our best.

In this purist's vintage, Lauer's Kupp Kabinett #5 Auction bottling is simply riveting; it is kinetic. It reverberates. There is such extreme finesse, a pinpoint of light and mineral, yet the force and firmness of the wine is undeniable.

This is the finesse of the Saar at its finest.

As we've written before, many growers use the auction to show bottles that flaunt decadence and lavishness. Lauer goes the other way; this is a wine that polishes down the Kabinett to its essential, mineral core

How do we explain the lower pricing for Lauer's Kabinett? Perhaps the new influx of buyers to German wines focused solely on the biggest names, the biggest labels?

However it happened, it's a situation we applaud. It's a good and fair price for Lauer and it keeps this wine available to a larger audience. This is something to not only cherish, but to act on. If the trends continue for German wine and for the Kabinett especially, perhaps these will soon be much rarer and more expensive. But for now, opportunity...

To order, email, call the store at (212) 980-9463, or click the link below to order online. Use Code: AuctionKab for the 4-pack pricing online, for a limited time.

Joe Salamone
Wine Buyer
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