A Winter Essential
Cappellano Barolo Chinato

Posted by Joe Salamone

As the temperatures continue to dip and we look forward to the onslaught of long meals that await, it's impossible not to think of Cappellano's Chinato.

There are few better things to end a meal with or simply meditate over. To situate Cappellano's Barolo Chinato, it's probably easiest to think about it as a combination of a fortified wine and the king of vermouths.

For us, it's essential to have bottles on hand throughout the fall and winter and it's something that must be experienced.

Cappellano created the category of Barolo Chinato and remains the standard-bearer. Cappellano's Chinato is one of the most complex, layered and simply delicious things on earth.

The flavor spectrum that it delivers is insane, ranging from bitter to sweet, with a kaleidoscopic presentation of spices and herbs. All of this is delivered with a velvety elegance.

The base of Cappellano's Chinato is Barolo from the famed Gabutti vineyard. From here, the family's ultra-secret recipe of herbs, barks and spices is added. (China is the Italian word for quinine bark, a bittering agent used in Chinato.) Everything is ground by hand in an ancient mortar. Cappellano's unique blend of spices is guarded so closely that they shop at many different pharmacies to make sure that no one can piece the ingredients together.

Cappellano is famous for producing some of the most unyieldingly traditional and compelling wines in Piedmont. In the late 1800s, Dr. Giuseppe Cappellano, who was a pharmacist, developed Barolo Chinato as a digestive aid. The recipe hasn't changed since.

Bottles of Chinato last almost indefinitely left open. Cappellano's Chinato also ages really well. Bottles at 10, 20 and even 40 years old have been stunning. We created 4-packs for this reason.

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Joe Salamone

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