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Dutraive From On High
2017 Dutraive Fleurie Carolon

Without a doubt, Dutraive's Beaujolais are some of the most fascinating and delicious wines coming out of the region.

Jean-Louis Dutraive / photo: Polaner Selections
Jean-Louis Dutraive has quickly emerged as one of Beaujolais' best and most sought-after producers. 

Fleurie With Teeth - Best to Date:
2014 Dutraive Fleurie Grand'Cour VV

Jean-Louis Dutraive has emerged as one of Beaujolais' top talents. 2014 is without a doubt the best vintage that we've tasted from him.

Irresistible Deliciousness: 2015 Dutraive Fleurie Chapelle Des Bois

Just over a week ago, we offered Dutraive's 2015 Grand'Cour VV. It sold out in a flash. Today, we turn to Dutraive's Chapelle Des Bois. Chapelle des Bois shows a very different dimension to Dutraive's style. Chapelle des Bois and Grand' Cour can be viewed as bookends. If Grand' Cour is "Fleurie with teeth" in its structure and power, Chapelle des Bois is more delicate and feminine.