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Back-Vintage Allemand: 2016 Allemand Cornas Reynard

As time has gone by, Allemand's 2016s have impressed us more and more.

Large Formats: Allemand, Chave, Dom Pérignon, Liger-Belair,
Mascarello, Philipponnat, Raveneau, Roumier & More

The list below covers a lot of ground. You'll find everything from back-vintage Allemand and Gonon to Métras's Fleurie and older Musar. 

"No estate in the entire Rhône Valley making finer wines." -2020 Allemand Cornas Reynard

The 2020 Reynard is a showstopper. The wine has a shocking combination of power, purity, and detail.

Back-Vintage Allemand
1998 Allemand Cornas Reynard

Allemand's 1998 has an intense and rigorous architecture. There's a wild profile with dark berry fruit, smoke, and a seriously complex presentation of spices and florality.

2014 Allemand Cornas Chaillots

"Let me state unequivocally that there is no estate in the entire Rhône Valley making finer wines.” -Josh Raynolds Allemand's are very special wines.

2014 Allemand Cornas:
Chaillots & Reynard

Not much needs to be said about Thierry Allemand.

2012 Allemand Cornas Chaillot

Allemand's Cornas are some of the most singular expressions of Cornas around. No one competes in terms of expressiveness and finesse.