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Cult Northern Rhône:
2021 Gonon Vin de Pays l'Ardeche Les Iles Feray

Les Iles Feray's signature is a pitch-perfect clarity with an intricate and detailed presentation of blackberries, olives, violets, spice, and forest floor notes wrapped around a smoke-infused minerality. This is authentic northern Rhône Syrah, rendered with the utmost care.

The Cult Of Gonon: 2020 Gonon Saint Joseph

The 2020 Saint-Joseph is layered with a depth of complexity while maintaining a shocking amount of finesse. The combination really drives home Pierre and Jean Gonon's masterful abilities with Syrah.

Soulfulness and Delicacy in Saint-Joseph
2021 Gonon Saint-Joseph

The Cult of Gonon:
2019 Gonon Vin de Pays l'Ardèche Les Iles Feray

Today, we wrap things up with Gonon's Lies Iles Feray. I should warn you from the beginning that this is a very small parcel that I would only imagine offering over a holiday weekend. 

The Rhône: 1994-2017
Bonneau, Chave, Gonon, Jamet & More

For me, we're entering the prime season for Rhône wines. With that in mind, I took a spin through our inventory to compile the list below. 

2015 Gonon Saint-Joseph

Gonon is easily one of our favorite producers in the Northern Rhône.

The Other Side of Gonon: 2014 Gonon St. Joseph Blanc "Les Oliviers"

The Gonon brothers have amassed a cult following for their St. Joseph Rouge, but their St. Joseph Blanc remains much more elusive. This is the first time that we've been able to offer Gonon's Blanc. It's a very difficult wine to track down. If you look around, you'll only find a handful of listings.