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2022 Lapierre Morgon Magnums

Lapierre is one of the most beloved producers in Beaujolais and this modest parcel of magnums will disappear quickly.

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
2020 Lapierre Morgon Sans Soufre

The unsulphured version of Lapierre's Morgon consistently shows a textural dimension, a clarity of expression, and an intangible depth that sets it apart.

Rare Sighting
2018 Lapierre Morgon Sans Soufre

Each summer, we offer Lapierre's Sans Soufre and it sells out in a flash. It's easy to understand. The sans soufre version is a rare sighting. More importantly, it takes the deliciousness of the sulphured version of Lapierre's Morgon to another level. 

Lapierre Rarity:
2016 Lapierre Morgon Sans Soufre

Lapierre's Morgon is one of the most wildly delicious wines in existence. The Sans Soufre bottling takes it to another level.

Lapierre Rarity: 2015 Lapierre Morgon Cuvée Marcel Lapierre

The 2015 Beaujolais are difficult to find in quantity. When it comes to Cuvée Marcel, things are especially ugly. A mere trickle of Cuvée Marcel arrived in the U.S.  At any given time in the past six months, you'd only find a listing or two for the wine.

Côte du Py Lapierre Style:
2015 Lapierre Morgon Cuvée Camille

Côte du Py is Morgon's most famous vineyard, and one of Beaujolais' top sites. Naturally, when word got out that Lapierre was bottling a Côte du Py, we were very excited.

"Just a superb Morgon" -
2015 Lapierre Morgon, Magnum Edition

For Lapierre fans, this is a vintage to buy mags.

"Just a superb Morgon" -
2015 Lapierre Morgon

Every vintage, we watch people stock up on Lapierre by the case. There are very few wines that are so loved and so consistently delicious. With that said, there are vintages of Lapierre that stand out. 2015 is one of them.