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Under-the-Radar Lafarge:
2010 Lafarge Volnay Vendanges Sélectionnées

Lafarge is a very special producer for me. I love the entire line-up. With all that said, I have a soft spot for the VS. The wine offers such nuance, depth, and finesse for the price.

2017 Lafarge Volnay:
1er Cru Clos du Château des Ducs & 1er Cru Clos des Chênes

These two wines dramatize what makes Lafarge so great.

Under-the-Radar Lafarge
2013 Lafarge Volnay Vendanges Sélectionnées

The Vendanges Sélectionnées may be the hidden gem of Lafarge’s line-up. I'm happy to offer the 2013 Volnay VS at the lowest price around. 

Punching Above Its Weight Class: 2014 Lafarge Volnay

This is one of my best scores of the year. There are times when I can imagine drinking nothing besides Lafarge. The wines are brimming with soul, finesse and fascination.

The Perennial Overachiever: 2013 Lafarge Volnay

Few village Red Burgundies punch above their weight class the way that Lafarge's does. And it does so with a particular soulfulness that I love. 

The Master shows them how once again!
2004 Lafarge Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Chenes

"The Master shows them how once again!" —Clive Coates Clive Coates said it right. Some of you may be surprised that he's talking about the '04 Chênes. No one would say this was an easy vintage for Burgundy. 

Crystal Clear Elegance: 2010 Lafarge Volnay 1er Cru Caillerets

I'm going to keep this short. This is an extremely rare wine from a great vintage. Lafarge has a mere 0.3ha in Caillerets, one of Volnay's top sites. Finding the wine in any quantity is next to impossible.