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1ha - Rare Lapierre:
2018 Lapierre Morgon Cuvée Camille

Ever since Camille's first vintage in 2013, it's a wine that we've bought every bottle available to us. There's something about how Camille combines deliciousness with a depth of complexity that made us immediate fans. It's a difficult wine to be a fan of -  it is sourced from a 1ha plot.

2018 Métras Fleurie VV Magnums

When we tally up the mind-bending bottles of Beaujolais that we've drunk, Métras looms very large. The examples are too numerous to list, but most recently, there was an expectation-defying bottle of 1996 Fleurie. Catching a bottle of Métras when it's on is simply a profound experience. Of course, the magnum format only makes it better. 

The Pinnacle of Py Magnum Edition
2016 Foillard Morgon Cuvee 3,14 Magnums

Jean Foillard is one of Beaujolais' greatest winemakers. And 3,14 is his magnum opus.

The Pinnacle of Py: 2016 Foillard Morgon Cuvee 3,14

Jean Foillard is one of Beaujolais' greatest winemakers. And 3,14 is his magnum opus. The 3,14 bottling is only made in special years. Whenever a 3,14 is produced, it is one of the most exciting releases of the year. 

Killer Foillard Value: 2017 Foillard Morgon Classique

Foillard is a master of Beaujolais. Today, we're happy to offer the point in his lineup where deliciousness and serious value intersect.

A New Foillard, A New Terroir
2017 Alex Foillard Brouilly

Alex Foillard, son of Beaujolais legend Jean Foillard, made the first wine under his label last year at twenty-five years old. Beaujolais fans immediately took notice.

When Métras' Cup Runneth Over
2018 Chapel Fleurie Charbonnières VV

In 2018, something happened that may never happen again. After a series of short vintages, and some devastatingly reduced yields, 2018 brought a relatively abundant harvest. This allowed legendary Beaujolais winemaker Yvon Métras to sell a small portion of his grapes from Charbonnières to Domaine Chapel.

Beaujolais and The Volcano - A Distance Runner:
2017 Château Thivin Côte du Brouilly Cuvée Zaccharie

Château Thivin's Cuvée Zaccharie is one of Beaujolais' unsung greats. Along with Bouland's Delys and Roilette's Tardive, Zaccherie is among the most structured expressions of Beaujolais. Zaccharie is a Beaujolais of truly uncommon earthy depth and layered complexity.

Morgon's Master: 2017 Foillard Morgon Corcelette & Eponym

Jean Foillard is one of the greats of Beaujolais. He also has an incredible knack for capturing terroir. Today's offer drives that point home.

Knockout Fleurie: 2017 Julien Sunier Fleurie

Julien Sunier has firmly established himself as one of Beaujolais' top young winemakers. Vintage after vintage, Sunier's Fleurie is the star of the line-up.

The Master of Morgon Revisited: 2016 Foillard Morgon Corcelette

When Corcelette is on, it's one of the most beguiling bottles of Beaujolais around. Foillard's Corcelette bottling has quickly become one of the Beaujolais that we reach for the most often.

Long-Haul Beaujolais:
2017 Clos de la Roilette Fleurie Cuvée Tardive

Roilette's Cuvée Tardive is one of Beaujolais' longest lived and most profound wines. There are few bottles of Beaujolais that have the track record for aging, can deliver the incredible value and are as loved as Tardive. It is a wine that we buy in case quantities every vintage.

Rarely Seen Lapierre
2017 Lapierre Morgon Sans Soufre

Our allocation of Lapierre's Sans Soufre bottling is one of the most anticipated events. Lapierre's Morgon is one of the most wildly delicious wines in existence. The Sans Soufre bottling takes it to another level. In the U.S. it's rarely encountered and tends to disappear from the market quickly. 

Dutraive From On High
2017 Dutraive Fleurie Carolon

Without a doubt, Dutraive's Beaujolais are some of the most fascinating and delicious wines coming out of the region.

Jean-Louis Dutraive / photo: Polaner Selections
Jean-Louis Dutraive has quickly emerged as one of Beaujolais' best and most sought-after producers. 

The Master of Morgon
2015 Foillard Morgon Eponym

There are few producers in Beaujolais who turn out wines with the same level of clarity and purity as Foillard. When you taste through Foillard's line up side-by-side, it becomes very clear just how sensitive the winemaking is. Each wine is vinified exactly the same, but the differences are striking.

Rare Métras Magnums -
2016 Moulin-à-Vent VV

We should set expectations right away. There's very little available. In 2006, Yvon Métras purchased a mere 0.6ha of Moulin-à-Vent near his home. In general, Métras of any kind is very hard to find in quantity. Magnums of his Moulin-à-Vent VV are close to impossible to land in quantity. 

Irresistible Northern Rhône, Gamay Edition
2016 Souhaut Souteronne

When it comes to turning out expressive and dangerously drinkable wines in the Northern Rhône, Souhaut is hard to beat. In the past, we've called the wines "habit-forming" and that remains the best two word summary that we know.

The King of Fleurie: 2016 Métras Fleurie VV

There's something intangible and profound about Métras' wines.

1ha - Lapierre in Côte du Py
2016 Lapierre Morgon Cuvée Camille

Like so many others, we love Lapierre's wines. They are joyous wines to be drunk with abandon. Out of the line-up, it's the Camille that we work hardest to find in quantity.

2016 Dutraive Fleurie & Brouilly VV

Dutraive has been firmly cemented as one of Beaujolais' premier talents. Without a doubt, they are some of the most fascinating and delicious wines coming out of the region. 

2016 Clos de la Roilette Fleurie Cuvée Tardive

For Beaujolais fans, Roilette's Cuvée Tardive occupies a very special place.

Clarity, Energy and Wild Drinkability:
2016 Lapierre Morgon

Every vintage, we watch people stock up on Lapierre by the case. Lapierre is one of the standard-bearers of Beaujolais. If you were to rank wines on sheer drinkability, Lapierre would top the list.

Morgon's Master:
2014 Foillard Morgon Cote du Py Bottles & Magnums

Foillard is one of the undisputed great producers of Beaujolais and 2014 is easily one of the strongest Beaujolais vintages of the past decade.

Fleurie With Teeth - Best to Date:
2014 Dutraive Fleurie Grand'Cour VV

Jean-Louis Dutraive has emerged as one of Beaujolais' top talents. 2014 is without a doubt the best vintage that we've tasted from him.

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