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Stand Alone Petillant: 2009 Huet Petillant Brut Reserve

Huet's Pétillants are some of our favorite sparkling wines. For us, it's one of the best wines outside of Champagne. When the 2009 Brut Reserve arrived, we were really eager to taste it.  We loved the 2009 regular Petillant and had high hopes. The '09 Pétillant Reserve didn't disappoint.

Loire Rarity: 2015 Pascal Cotat Chavignol Rosé

Pascal Cotat's Rosé is one of the most ageworthy and compelling rosés in existence. It's also one of the hardest to track down. Allocations are typically handed out in 6-12 bottle quantities. 

Chenin Royalty:
2015 Huet Vouvray Le Mont and Clos du Bourg Demi-Sec

Huet is one of France's most historic and iconic domaines. We've had so many profound old bottles that the domaine has become one of our absolute favorites. You'd struggle to find another Chenin producer with a track record as illustrious. 

Cult Loire Mini-Vertical: 2009, 2011, 2013 Guiberteau Saumur Rouge Les Motelles

A few years ago, you might have only just begun to hear about Romain Guiberteau - about how he was mentored by the Foucault brothers of Clos Rougeard or that his wines are so well loved in France, they are snapped up by 3-star restaurants and quickly disappear from the market. But today he scarcely needs an introduction. His dedication as a winemaker and his enviable terroir have earned Guiberteau a cult following stateside, especially in the past couple of years.

Dazzling Brézé: 2013 Guiberteau Saumur Blanc Brézé

Brézé is holy ground for Chenin Blanc. For many of us, this was made obvious by Clos Rougeard. But this is a truth that's been known for centuries. Brézé is one of the Loire's "Grand Crus." 

100 Year-Old Vines - 0.7ha:
2014 Roches Neuves Memoires

For many, Les Mémoires is Roches Neuves' top wine. There's no doubt that Les Mémoires stands as one of the Loire's grandest examples of Cabernet Franc, boasting a startling depth, sophistication and old vine complexity.

Loire Rarity in a Stunning Vintage:
2014 Pascal Cotat Sancerre Rosé

No Rosé on earth ages the way that Pascal Cotat's does. Without question, it's one of the most serious and collected rosés around. This all adds up to it being in short supply. Allocations are typically a case or two.

Loire Rarity: 2014 Pascal Cotat Sancerre Rosé

Pascal Cotat's rosé is something that we're always searching for. Many of you reading this will immediately understand why. It's one of the best and most ageworthy rosés on the planet. 

Loire Icon - Important Vintage:
2014 François Cotat Sancerre Les Culs de Beaujeu

2014 is a stellar vintage for the Loire. This is especially true in Sancerre. At this point, comparisons to past greats like 1996 and 2002 don't feel out of line. 

One of the finest Sancerres of the vintage - 2012 Francois Cotat Monts Damnes

I have to admit it. Cotat's wines had fallen off my radar. Then, I had a bottle of 2000 Les Monts Damnés at a restaurant a month ago. Suddenly, I found myself looking at my storage and kicking myself for not buying more. 

Benchmark Chinon Reaching the Next Level:
2010 Baudry Chinon Croix Boissee

All hyperbole and flowery prose aside, Baudry's 2010 Croix Boissée is just a lovely wine. Croix Boissée is Baudry's top bottling. It always stands out for its refinement and age-worthiness. 

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