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1996 Lanson Gold Label: Sub-$60, Sublime

Shine, Shine On
1996 Lanson Gold Label Brut
[Awesome] Vintage Champagne, Under $60

"I can't think of a better wine that will simultaneously thrill even the choosiest Champagne connoisseur, delight your drinking buddies and impress your wine geek

The 1995 Dom Pérignon Oenothèque

1995 Transformed: This is the Point of Oeno The 1995 Dom Pérignon Oenothèque A Monumental Metamorphosis "This mind-bending, kaleidoscopic Champagne possesses all of the qualities of profoundness... and the potential to acquire even more depth

Grand Cru Beaune? 07 Drouhin Clos des Mouches Blanc

Finding the Elite Values in White Burgundy
2007 Drouhin Beaune "Clos des Mouches" Blanc
On the Short List of Top White Burgundy Collectors

Summer Mixed Case: 20% Off

Summer Mixed Case
A Fresh Mix of our Favorites for Summer
BIG SAVINGS: Every Bottle Discounted 20%!

The third "official" day of summer and already our first scorcher is here... It seemed like the perfect time to get a summer mixed ca

Rare Old-Vine Fleurie: Yvon Métras Magnums

Super-Rare Métras Magnums
2006 Yvon Métras Fleurie "VV"
The Fifth Member of Kermit Lynch's Gang of Four

Yvon Métras is famous for making absolutely breathtaking Beaujolais and hating paper work. As such, his wines have been absent from the U.

2009 Dönnhoff: German Futures Campaign Begins...

The Crush 5th Annual
German "Futures" Campaign Begins Today...
2009 Dönnhoff

"The 2009ers at Weingut Dönnhoff are amongst the most beautiful wines to be found in all of Germany, and there are an embarrassment of riches to choose from in

2009 Germany: Ripeness Clarified

2009 has all the potential to be great. 

Trimbach Back Up the Truck! (Under $20)

Alsatian Air Conditioning
2008 Trimbach Riesling "Reserve"

This is Riesling at its freshest, most cutting, most cooling.

Jean Trimbach says that the 2008 vintage is the best since 1990, and possibly in the last 100 years.

This, even aft

Arnoux 1972-2001: Details of Vosne-Romanée

Dom. Robert Arnoux 1972 - 2001
Back-Vintage Snapshots of Vosne-Romanée
1er Crus Les Suchots, Aux Reignots, Les Chaumes
"One of the sexiest wines vintage in and vintage out."
- The Burghound

Arnoux's small collection

Labaille Sancerre Cuvee Buster

Serious Sancerre for Summer and Beyond
2008 Labaille Sancerre "Cuvee Buster"
In the Sancerre Pantheon with Vatan and Cotat

For many Sancerre is simply irresistible in the summer.

There's something about its freshness, its zingy ci

'85 Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec: Quarter Century Celeb

The Reason God Invented Lobster?
1985 Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec
Under $50; Not Available Anywhere Else in the U.S. -
Make that the Universe

Last week we offered the 2002 Huet Le Mont Demi; today we go deeper into Huet history...

War of the Rosés! And the Winner is...

Your Pick for Rosé of the Year!
2009 Commanderie de Peyrassol
Côtes de Provence Rosé
To the Rosé Victor Go the Discounts: Today 15% Off!

We suggest grabbing a whole case, because the number of days you'll spend on the roof at sunset, a

Provence: The Classic Heart of Rosé

As France's oldest wine region, Provence has been making wine - and specifically rosé - for 2,600 years. Around 600 BC, the ancient Greeks rolled into southern France with vines in tow. At the time, all wines were rosé, as they hadn't yet experimented with extended macerations for d

VDP Luncheon at Le Bernardin

Welcome to the first ever Crush Riesling Media Spectacular.

To experience the full intensity of this Media Spectacular, click "play" on the classic 1990 romantic ballad performed by Nuno Bettencourt and Gary Cherone of the funk metal band Extreme. Once this song is in play, once the intense

2002 Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec

2002 was a watershed vintage at Domaine Huet - probably one of the three greatest in the last forty years, along with 1989 and 71... Today we present a tranche of one of 2002's greatest: the Huet Le Mont Demi-Sec, at practically the same price as it went for on release.

2007 Bouchard Meursault 1er Cru Perrieres

Meursault, Stoned
2007 Bouchard Meursault 1er Cru Perrières
Flirting with Grand Cru Quality

Perrières is one of those vineyards; like Clos St. Jacques, Gaudichots, this is one of those sites that is more than a 1er Cru.

Price v Power

How many BTUs for your air conditioner does a full, delicious case of 2008 Trimbach Riesling Reserve equal? We decided to find out and employed our occasionally-useful statistics mastery to create the equation. Et voila! The price of one case of the Riesling gets you precisely 8,812 BTUs

Inspired by Selosse and Old-Vine Pinot Noir: Collin Blanc de Noirs

Sparkling Originality
2006 Ulysse Collin Blanc de Noirs
A Terroir-Driven Blanc de Noir Debut at Over 30% Off
Lowest Price in the Nation

"For readers seeking to discover the outer boundaries of what Champagne is and can be, Colli

07 Mugneret-Gibourg - Lowest Price in the Nation

Whoa, Sister
2007 Mugneret-Gibourg NSG 1er Cru Chaignots
Nuits-St-George that Drinks Like a Vosne-Romanée
15% Below the Lowest Price in the Nation

We've said this before - though perhaps not frequently enough, as the wines are sa

Trimbach Ex-Cellars: Back-Vintage Vertical

Straight from the Cellar of Trimbach
Back-Vintage Trimbach Frédéric Emile 3-Packs
Freddy Emile Vertical: 1997, 1998, 1999

It's one thing to pull a dusty, back-vintage bottle off a store shelf, provenance unknown. It's quite another to secure a

2009 AJ Adam: From Unknown to Celebrity

From Unknown to Celebrity: A.J. Adam
2009 A.J. Adam Hofberg Kabinett
Special Pre-Arrival Pricing until Friday Only...

At this point I'm not sure A.J. Adam needs an introduction?

(He's the young kid that we've been heralding as one of th

Pepiere Trois 05: Monumental Muscadet

Pépière's Monumental Muscadet
2005 Pépière Muscadet "Trois"
The Muscadet Genius's Most Ambitious Cuvée to Date

Marc Ollivier's name looms large over Muscadet. Indeed, for lovers of chiseled mineral whites, his name looms large over the enti

Sweet Spot Back Vintage Bordeaux

Back Vintage Bordeaux, Sweet-Spot Pricing
La Mission - Palmer - Ducru - Leoville-Poyferre
Pavillon Rouge - Trotanoy - Troplong Mondot

Outstanding Condition and Provenance in All Sizes

The overwhelming response to our previous Bordeaux offe

Trimbach Riesling Freddy Emile 375th Anniversary

Only Every 375 Years
2001 Trimbach Riesling Cuvée Frédéric Emile 375th Anniversary

Exotic Richness, Aristocratic Poise,
Lowest Price in the Nation

A word to the wise: Heed Schildknecht’s words b

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