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THE German Discovery of the Year: Lauer

INTRODUCING: Weingut Peter Lauer
Dry, Mineral Rieslings of Precision and Finesse
EASILY the Greatest Germany Discovery of the Year

Peter and Florian Lauer make uncompromising wines from one of the Saar's greatest sites. We've bee

04-05 Dauvissat Preuses Half-Bottles: RARE

Vincent Dauvissat 2004 and 2005
Rare Chablis Grand Cru Les Preuses Half-Bottles
Special Offer for Chablis Fans - 48 Half-Bottles Available

2004: "...akin to having a vinous bomb go off in your mouth."
2005: "Trust me, this

Obscurity has its Privilege: Full Bodied Value from the Southwest

2006 Plageoles Duras
France's Wild, Wild (South)West
Obscurity has its Privileges: VALUE!

"A mind-challenging exercise in aroma and flavor archaeology, rather than ... simple hedonistic appeal."
-Andrew Jefford, The New France

If we were to pick one French re

2008 Keller: The Greatest Dry Rieslings in Germany?

2008 Keller Riesling Kirchspiel GG
This is a serious question: Is anyone making a better dry Riesling in Germany?

"If I had to choose one wine to show how great dry German Riesling can be I would choose a Keller Riesling. Those wines are the German Montrachets."

The Piece on Keller to end all Pieces on Keller

So I started out with every intention of writing the piece on Keller to end all pieces on Keller.

Truth be told, I had spent quite a few days writing. I’d even bothered Klaus-Peter Keller with a bunch of questions (and, of all the nerve, while he was harvesting his Pinot Noir

The Grace of Volnay: Lafarge 2002-2005-2006

Domaine Michel Lafarge
The Grace of Volnay
Clos des Chenes - Chateau des Ducs - Caillerets

"For an example of the finest red Burgundy that is fragrant and feminine, yet intense and long-lasting, you need look no further than the wines of Domaine Michel Lafar

Magic Mountain: Affordable N. Italian Masterpieces From Anselmet

Magic Mountain: Wine on a Wire
Anselmet's Affordable Valle d'Aosta Masterpieces
2008 Petit Rouge - 2007 Torrette

Combine 1 part Cru Beaujolais with 1 part Pinot Noir. Add dash of Cornas (Cote-Rotie will also do) and pinch of m

A Short History of Food, Grapes and Wine in the Valle d'Aosta

A trip to Italy’s Valle d’Aosta region can be disorienting. You’re surrounded by snow capped mountains, conversation often begins in Italian and then, quickly moves to French. The tap water puts pricey bottled water to shame.

For the wine lover there’s plenty here as

2006 Angerville Volnay Magnums

1er Cru Clos des Ducs - 1er Cru Champans

The 2006s are gaining in weight and presence without losing that ethereal, glorious purity. These are stunning wines AND stunning values.

Today, a quick follow-up *only* for those of you who supported Angerville in the past:

Cellar-Worthy Steal: 07 Egon Muller Scharzhofberger Kab

07 Egon Müller Scharzhofberger Kabinett #3
Scharzhofberger Super Saar Special @ $39.99

"This particular Kabinett had just been bottled prior to my visit, and it would not surprise me if I have slightly underrated it."
- John Gilman, View from the Cellar

Historical Haag: 1st Ever Juffer-Sonnenuhr GG

Grand Cru DRY Riesling from Fritz Haag
2008 Fritz Haag Juffer-Sonnenuhr GG
The First Ever Haag Grosses Gewachs!

When an estate with the prestige of Fritz Haag puts their reputation on the line by crafting a "Grand Cru" dry Riesling from their greatest vineyar

08 Willi Schaefer 375ml: Crush Exclusive

2008 Willi Schaefer Domprobst Kabinett

10 Cases Bottled Exclusively for Us... for You!

The idea was spontaneous.

There I was, in Graach, at the estate and Christoph was telling me they would be bottling the 2008s on Friday. "Do you ever bottl

Invite: MADCrush Wine Bar Returns!

Special Encore Presentation
6:00 - 10:30 pm

@ the Museum of Arts and Design
Crush pairs wines to dishes from NYCs top chefs!

Next Thursday evening, we're excited to revive our MADCrush "pop-up" wine ba

Piedmont Vapor: Roagna Barbaresco '78, '82, '85, '88

Piedmont Vapor:
Roagna Barbaresco Crichet Paje Riserva

A Mini-Vertical of Well-Cellared Barbaresco
1978 - 1982 - 1985 - 1988

Not much has changed at Roagna. Not, at least, for the last 120 years.

The last four generations of the proud men of the Roag

85 Krug Collection Magnum: Lowest Price in the World

An astounding Champagne, the 1985 Krug Collection out of magnum is simply epic. The 85 Collection magnum is also the rarest Krug new-release that we have ever encountered. Only three other stores in the world currently have the wine; NONE have meaningful quantities. 

Macle's 02 Chateau Chalon

Macle's Extraordinary 02 Chateau Chalon
"One of those wines that seems to riffle through a repertoire of the natural worlds as you sniff and sip."
Andrew Jefford, The New France

A wine that we strongly endorse ...
...and that requires a serious w

The Microscope Group

Following the guidance of Jules Chauvet, a biochemist and Beaujolais negociant who is credited as being the godfather of the natural wine movement, the “microscope group” sought to produce wines that displayed purity and honesty - the truth of the vineyard. In pursuit of this

Scholium Project Naucratis

Last year we offered Abe’s most enjoyable (and most inexpensive) wine – the Naucratis – at a special "Scholium Club" price.

Beaujolais: The 5th Member of the "Gang of Four" Returns - Yvon Metras

The Return of Top Beaujolais from Y. Metras! 2007 Fleurie VV and Moulin-a-Vent After a brief stint alongside the "Gang of Four" (Lapierre, Thevenet, Foillard, Breton) with importer Kermit Lynch, Metras completely disappeared from the US market. Beauj

$15 Rheingau Back Up the (Holiday Weekend) Truck!

2005 Johannisof Riesling Klaus Spatlese
$15 for a Lot of Rheingau Style
Back Up the (Holiday Weekend) Truck!

The Rheingau offers a Riesling with an almost meditative power. Where a Mosel wine dances on its tip-toes, a Rheingau Riesling flows across the palate wi

2006 Sassicaia: "In a word: Awesome"

2006 Sassicaia
The Greatest Sassicaia since the "Perfect" 1985?

"The 2006 Sassicaia may very well go down as one of the all-time great recent vintages for this Tuscan thoroughbred... The wine is simply glorious, that's all there is to it.
This is one for

Red Burgundy 50% Off Steal: Jadot Santenay (What're you drinking this weekend?)

Jadot Red Burgundy Steal
2004 Jadot Santenay "Clos de Malte"
Juicy, honest red Burgundy at 50% off!

Mouth-watering, old-school red Burgundy to serve up with just about anything this holiday weekend.

How about a juicy little Pinot Noir number for this upcoming holi

05 Lignier Summer Sippin' Value

2005 Lignier Aligote
Sophisticated Summer Sippin' Burgundy 
Crush Exclusive - Only 6 cases available...

"Delicious and easy yet this does not lack for personality."
- Burghound


You have to love the curt, professional prose of the Burghound. Although Aligot

Hirtzberger and Knoll (Mini) Blowout!

Hirtzberger and Knoll (Mini) Blowout!
2006 Singerriedel - 2005 Loibenberg

We'll spare you the wine business drama and cut right to the chase: Two elite Austrian Rieslings were closed out the other week. Today, only for those of you who have supported our

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